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Team, welcome to my Art Webpage. Art has changed my day-to-day life and opened my eyes to seeing ordinary things as extraordinary things. As a lifelong learner, I love to learn and understand the different techniques artists have used for centuries. 

Acrylic & Texture Paintings

Pending Fused Glassed

Artist Biography

Since 1984, I had the opportunity to draw and paint in school. Luckily for me my mother Elsa Santos always ensure that for Christmas I would get my watercolor paints and brushes, Crayola, and off-course my Legos. As we moved back to the States from the Dominican Republic, my parents unfortunately divorced and the only exposure I had to art was my cousin, who was attending at the time Parsons University. Because being an Architect or an Artist is an expensive career, I decided to go into the military and concentrate in the fields of Business, Human Resources, and Organizational Development and Leadership. Today, I have the blessing of having a PhD in Organizational Development and Leadership and since 2017, I've had the blessing of simply going back to my origins and learning more about Art. To opportunities and blessings I celebrate today. Thank you. 

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